Unlike writing a short story, or a play, writing a poem cannot be streamlined to the walls of Do’s and don’ts or rather regimented how tos. Rather the art of writing a poem deals a lot with the imaginative and creative faculties of the personality involved. Amongst other things that tend to come into play, are the various experiences the writer has been through over the years; heartaches, family tragedies, e.t.c
However, the most likely trigger for most poets is usually like getting in contact with a good and inspiring piece for me it was ‘Wole Soyinka’s Telephone conversation that got me hooked to putting my heart in ink.

Most writers started out writing poems, before deciding to diversify and explore other aspects of creative writing. Unlike Prose and plays, it is difficult however to analyse the punctuations used by a poet in the real terms since he may deliberately omit a full stop for effect. The overall dramatic effect of poetry is it’s live, remove that and you get nothing more than a prose.

The best way to being an improved poet, is by rubbing mind with other poets going through there works and allowing there years of experience to dictate a pace or motivate you then as you improve, continually seek for avenues to display what you have.

If however you have started writing and are convinced your works are worth publishing, visit to register and start submitting your poems for expert scrutiny.
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